Normal residential 5/8" or 3/4" is $2,000

Meter Pit for 3/4" line (if needed) is $1,500.00

*Call office for all new construction to confirm the availabilty of water to your location.

*Additional costs may apply

​Billing & RATES

District A 

Water Rate: $3.65 Per Thousand Gallons

All customers will pay a minimum base rate which will be governed by the size of their meter as follows:

Connections Size:  Min. Monthly Rate    

5/8" and 3/4"                         $35.50

1" Meter                                $43.00

1-1/4"                                    $50.50 

1-1/2"                                    $58.00

2 inch                                    $70.50

3 inch                                   $121.00       

Tap in Fees

If you are planning a new construction, call our office first.  We will have our water operator meet with you to confirm the availablility of water to your location, discuss cost effective options, and also explain to you what is included with the tap-in fee you pay and what will be your responsiblity.

You will then need to fill out a Tap-in application and pay the appropriate fee for the size of line.  

1" Line   $2,300          

2" Line   $4,800  

3" Line   Call for price  

*Upon the approval of the application of any customer for a supply of water, and the payment of the tapping fee, the Authority will tap the main, insert corporation cock, carry service pipe to the curb and install curb stop, meter and service box.  In addition, the customer must reimburse the Authority for the cost of any boring, paving or street opening permit required and the cost of paving such opening or openings as may be made in any street or highway in connection with the installation of the service line at issue.  The Authority will be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the service line between the main and curb stop.  The service line beyond the curb stop shall be installed and maintained by and at the expense of the property owner/customer.

Security Deposits

New rental customers need to stop into our office to complete an application for service.  You will need to bring your current photo ID (such as your driver's license).  Be sure to have the correct property address and apartment number (if applicable).

A security deposit of $175.00 will be due for rental units when signing up for water service.

If you moved and left an unpaid balance on any previous rental properties and your landlord paid the balance on your behalf, the security deposit is doubled. ($325.00).

You may be required to pay the balance left on your previous account or denied service in your name.  

The Authority requires no deposit from new property owners but will need to verify billing information and have a current telephone number on file.

If you are renting to own a property, under Article of Agreement, the owner of the property may waive the security deposit for you.  This is the property owner's decision because they will be responsible for paying any outstanding bills if the tenant leaves without paying.  The property owner must sign a propery/tenant agreement with the Authority allowing us not to collect the security deposit.  Although, the Authority strongly suggests that all rent to own agreements with tenants pay the security deposit for the property owner's protection.

Security Deposits

$175.00 for tenants in rental properties ($150.00 deposit plus $25.00 administrative fee)

$150.00 is refundable to you when you move at the final read (less any amount owed).

Rules and Regulations



 When a tenant contacts our department for a final read, we send our water personnel out to read the meter on the date the tenant says they will no longer be using water and is moved out of the residence. A final bill is calculated and is sent to the tenant with a copy to the property owner.  It is the property owner's responsibility to insure that this bill has been paid prior to releasing any deposits to the tenant.  In most cases, the Authority had collected a Security Deposit when the tenant moved in and can deduct it from their final bill.  

Should the tenant leave without paying the final bill, the property owner is utimately responsible.  Unpaid water bills will result in termination of service and water will not be restored until paid in full.  Please call us at (814) 948-5791 to check to see if your tenants are current on their account.

Keep in mind that even though the water may be shut off due to non-payment, the monthly base rate bills still continue to accrue and over time can become significant.

Every adjustment the Authority makes places the burden for lost revenue on the rest of our customers.  Our department is funded solely by rates and charges from our customers.  We receive no tax revenues.  

District B

Water Rate: $4.65 Per Thousand Gallons

All customers will pay a minimum base rate which will be governed by the size of their meter as follows:

Connection Size      Min.Monthly Rate


5/8" and 3/4"                      $35.50

1 inch                                 $36.55

1-1/4"                                 $37.05

2 inch                                 $39.15


Meters are read every month beginning on the first of the month.  This process usually takes about a week to read over 2,200 meters in our system.  Your bill includes water and garbage charges.  The garbage charges are established by the Northern Cambria Borough.  By ordinance, we are required to bill and collect these fees for the Borough.

Bills are mailed on the 2 working days prior to the end of the month to insure that the post office delivers them to you by or before the 1st of the month.  The 15th day of the month is the last day to pay the net amount.  After this date, the gross amount is due.  (10% Penalty).  

If the 15th of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will accept the net amount the following Monday.

All accounts over 90 days past due will receive a penalty of 1.5% on the last day of the month.

We have two separate billing districts in our water system.  District A (old Spangler Municipal Authority customers) and District B (old Barnesboro customers).

​ *All persons or entities owning Improved property which is located within the service area of the Northern Cambria Municipal Authority Water System shall pay a minimum monthly rate.  The term "Improved Property" shall mean any property upon which there is erected a structure intended for the continuous or periodic habitation, occupancy or use by human beings or animals, except those industries and farms which have their own supply of water for uses other than human consumption.  The above minimum monthly rate shall be paid to the Northern Cambria Municipal Authority even if it is determined that the property is not receiving water service as a result of the voluntary or involuntary decision of the owner of the Improved property.   -  Adopted September 2, 2004

​​Shut off Notice Mailed   -   $10.00

No- Lien Letter   - $20.00

Turn water off & on  - $25.00 each time

Turn off/on After hours  - $50.00 each time

Test Meter on complaint - Nothing wrong - $50 up front

Replace Frozen/broken Meter  - $200.00

Charge of all returned Checks  - $50.00

Certified Letters  - $10.00